Welcome to The Cheese Shop’s Blog.

We frequently get asked: “If your name is ‘the Cheese Shop’ then why don’t you sell cheese?”

Well, the answer is… we do sell cheese – a few excellent kinds.  For instance: French Morbier, Swiss Raclette, and English Stilton.  Back in the old days, the Cheese Shop sold only cheese.  But times have changed, and so have we.  Yet the Cheese Shop name still means quality and excellence in all that we offer.  Although today we are more likely to be associated with incredible sandwiches and amazing cookies than with cheese, “Cheese Shop” is still a name that folks recognize and trust.


2 Responses to “Welcome to The Cheese Shop’s Blog.”

  1. Not the prescribed 5-7-5, but one of my favorite haiku poems nonetheless:

    The little girl on the plane
    Who turned her doll’s head around
    To look at me.

    Who knew you could run into haiku and pastrami all in the same visit.

  2. That new yorker was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had and the staff was fantastic. Great experience

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