Cheese Shop La Jolla carries a lot of TEA found only in far-flung Places….

But why wait for Travel Time to enjoy something soooo soothing!  Get some good TEA right now!

Phil’s been drinking a lot of Tea these days….A good place to start exploring the World of Tea is right in the Cheese Shop!  All kinds of rituals and traditions surround the pleasures of TEA, but the important thing is to just START!…

The Kinks sing about “Afternoon Tea…”  The best part of Tea Enjoyment is just THAT  —–  ENJOYMENT!  It’s very important to set aside some time and DO SOMETHING FOR YOU!!!  Stop eating Broccoli out of the same pan you cooked it in, while standing up, leaning over the sink, late at night in your Underwear!  SLOW DOWN!!!

Phil’s favorite tea right now is PG TIPS….It even has a bag in the shape of a Pyramid!

Another Good Tea is Barry’s of Ireland….

It has a regular rectangular bag, however…..

If Caffeine has you worried…. a Good Tea to enjoy comes from the magical Roobois Plant.  Cheese Shop La Jolla features “Freshpack” brand from South Africa.  Zero Caffeine means you can enjoy a cup of this Tea at ANYTIME!

Cheese Shop La Jolla — Get started on TEA!


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