boardCustom Catering Services:
We Specialize in Doing What You Want!   

Need to feed a group of people – FAST?

        • Feeding the troops at the office?
        • Organizing a meeting?
        • Planning a party?
        • Going on a field trip?

Need something shipped? We can do almost anything!!!  


  • Individual Bags
  • Wrapped & Marked
  • Sandwich on Trays
  • Complete Boxed Lunches
  • Cookie Trays
  • Fruit Cups
  • Salad Cups
  • Chips
  • Drinks
  • Candies

bagsIt can be very easy for the Hostess to simply hand out individual bags to individual people.

A specific guest can easily enjoy a very specific lunch.

It's easy for the Hostess and very satisfying for the Guest to confidently and conveniently enjoy a personalized lunchtime break.



wrappedA "Wrapped & Marked" presentation makes it easy for the Hostess to provide Guests with a specific sandwich.

Each sandwich is wrapped separately and marked accurately and placed in a box - along with everything needed - so that the entire luncheon is easily accessible and transportable.

A very economical and convenient selection!





traysBeautifully decorated and elegantly presented!

A sure-fire way to impress and feed participants in any Office Lunch or Board Meeting.

Elegant dining has never been so easy!










boxesSandwiches, salad cups, cookies, drinks - Includes everything you want!

A completely self-contained unit perfect for field trips or groups of people away from the office.

Each box can be custom-filled to meet the needs of every guest!

cookiesFlourless Oatmeal   An amazing cookie – more like a candy.  Chewy, delicious, and made without flour from a very old recipe.  Caramel? Molasses?  What is the secret…?

Chocolate Chip  Gooey and rich, or sometimes crunchy and flavorful – always with a slight touch of cinnamon.







fruitsA healthy and refreshing addition to any lunch at the Cheese Shop!

Seasonal offerings might include:

sweet strawberries

cool cantelope

or perfect pineapple!








saladsPotato, Macaroni, Cole Slaw – think: “Church Picnic” and you’ll know what we mean!  We make these fresh every day – nothing out of a box!  We use red-skinned potatoes and fresh dill; the macaroni has chunks of cheddar cheese; the coleslaw is tinged with lemon.  Order lots -- you’ll need more than you think!

Chicken Salad is made with ONLY white breast meat, marinated in soy sauce and fire-grilled to perfection before it’s finely chopped and mixed with a little mayo, Dijon mustard, and celery for the perfect Chicken Salad Sandwich.  It’s best with a little red onion, but you decide!

Tuna Salad  made from white meat, Tongol tuna, packed in water.  It’s simple with just a little mayo and relish.  Not “goopy” at all!

Egg Salad  -- it’s actually famous, it’s SO good.  Hard-cooked (not boiled) eggs are chopped coarsely with only a little mayo and Dijon mustard.  Do not order this anywhere else!


chipsYou'll find chips of every taste and texture to satisfy any craving!







Freshly Squeezed Lemonade  - No powder, just juice!

Old-Fashioned Sun Tea - No sugar!  How ‘bout an Arnold Palmer?  

Orange Juice and Grapefruit Juice - Freshly squeezed, right before your eyes!

Juices and Waters:  Some with bubbles...some without... some bottles...some cans...

Vintage bottles:  You'll see a lot of things you haven't  seen before, and a lot of things you haven't seen in YEARS!

juices vintage orange
water smoothe teas
bottle juice bottle juices pink juice










Enjoy a candy you maybe haven't seen in years!

You'll find plenty of sweets to satisfy any craving at the Cheese Shop.

Get to where you need to be - with one of your favorite treats!

Or enjoy something you haven't had since you were a kid!

candy candy candy
candy candy candy
candy candy candy







Working on short notice is our specialty!  However, flexibility increases with advance notice…
When things are more involved than the usual sandwich-in-a-bag, it’s best to call a few days ahead when placing your order. 


phoneCall now and tell us what you need!  Phone: (858) 459-3921
Corporate charge accounts welcome!