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upsOkay, so there are some things at the Cheese Shop that are not Made By US !!!   Sometimes it’s more feasible to have things brought in.  We strive to concentrate on a few specialty items – but we do them well.   Some items are imported -- maybe you’ve only come across them while traveling to exotic locales…  And other stuff is a complete mystery to a lot of people - but their grandparents might recognize it…


Don’t worry – we can always provide the answer, plus a few tips on how to prepare those peculiar items. 


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importsHP Sauce in London...Marmite in Australia...Chutnies in South Africa. You had them you can get them here!

Hard to find products are often found at the Cheese Shop! They all look good on the shelf, but you'll be glad you can have them on your table! Try new things...Learn about different flavors... The World is a big place indeed, and the Cheese Shop can be your source for things without having to travel half-way across the globe!















cheeseAt one time, the Cheese Shop carried hundreds of cheeses from all over the World.  Times have indeed changed, but it’s still possible to find a few standards -- cheese curds from Wisconsin, maytag blue cheese, extra sharp cheddar cheese and double cream Brie are some classics you’ll usually always find here.












“I haven’t seen THESE since I was little!”   “I can’t believe they still make these!”   This is the kind of thing we hear all the time.  For a lot of people, browsing through our shelves is like a trip down Memory Lane.  Maybe your Grandpa used to eat these, or maybe you were quite the hot-shot on the playground with your bag of bubble gum nuggets.  Come in and get a blast from the past!

retro retro retro retro
retro retro retro retro






You'll see a lot of things you've seen before,
…but a lot of these things you haven't seen in YEARS!

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bottles bottles bottles

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