>>Made by US !!! <<  

Things “Made By US!!!” means the item is completely homemade -- something we are really proud to say.  Nothing out of a can or box!  The item is completely made from scratch!

Home cooking takes time and skill but it gives us a sense of pride and we guarantee that you’ll LOVE it!  You’ll taste the difference!  And you won’t find our stuff anywhere else!

Here’s a sampling of some of the stuff Made By US !!!  

  • Cookies
  • Roasted Meats
  • House Drinks
  • Salads
  • Sandwich Condiments

cookiesFlourless Oatmeal   An amazing cookie – more like a candy.  Chewy, delicious, and made without flour from a very old recipe.  Caramel? Molasses?  What is the secret…?

Chocolate Chip Like Mom's old fashion chocolate chip cookie

porkWe roast meats right here in the shop!  Sometimes the aroma will drive you nuts, it’s so fantastic! 

Roast Beef  Angus top round trimmed, tied and cooked to medium rare.

Pork Loin Studded with garlic, stuffed with cilantro, covered with spices and then slow roasted.

Leg of Lamb is boneless, roasted rare and served thinly sliced with our very own Tarragon Dressing, cucumbers, tomato, red onions and Greek Mizithra – a dry-pressed Ricotta cheese that compliments the full flavor of the Lamb.


juiceFreshly Squeezed Lemonade  - No powder, just juice!

Old-Fashioned Sun Tea - No sugar!  Exact opposite of instant tea…start with clear, cold water… this tea is never cloudy.

Orange Juice - Freshly squeezed, right before your eyes!














saladsPotato, Macaroni, Cole Slaw – think: “Family Picnic” and you’ll know what we mean!  We make these fresh every day – nothing out of a box!  We use red-skinned potatoes and fresh dill; the macaroni salad has chunks of cheddar cheese; the coleslaw is sweet and tangy.  Order lots -- you’ll need more than you think!

Chicken Salad is made with ONLY white breast meat, marinated in soy sauce and grilled to perfection before it’s finely chopped and mixed with a little mayo, Dijon mustard, and celery for the perfect Chicken Salad Sandwich.  It’s best with a little red onion - but YOU decide!

Tuna Salad made from white meat - Tongol tuna - packed in water.  It’s simple with just a little mayo and relish.








1,000 Island Dressing is most often found on hot sandwiches, like a Reuben, but it’s good on almost anything.  Try a “cold” sandwich with 1,000 Island and cole slaw!  (Maybe some red onions)…

Tarragon Dressing is used on the Lamb Sandwich, but it’s particularly good with Roast Beef.  It’s basically a flavored mayonnaise but the tarragon herb and the red wine vinegar lend a dimension to this spread that is found nowhere else.  There’s an art to making mayonnaise from scratch, but we do it everyday!

Oil and Vinegar dressing: Zesty Authenticity -- Hand-mixed from Penzey’s Italian Spices, fresh garlic, olive oil, and a mixture of red wine vinegar.



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